Local Food Bytes Digital Storytelling Event

Local RadishesFood is much more than what is on your plate.

Whether it be friends gathering around the dinner table or a neighbourhood working together to build a community garden or visiting the Foodbank to make sure your kids have enough to eat, food is at the very heart of where we live. It can either build our community or widen the gap between those who have and those who have not.

Last August a beautiful handmade bowl heaping with freshly picked tomatoes appeared on my front porch along with a note from my neighbour, “Going to be away on vacation next week. Enjoy the tomatoes.”

A heart warming gesture and my brain went immediately to Caprese salad. The salad ended up on the dinner table accompanied by the predictable, but truthful conversation about the incomparable taste of backyard tomatoes.

I believe the tomatoes tasted better, in part, because of the story behind them. A story that connects me not only to my neighbour, but also to the more substantial ideal of neighbourhood and community. We sustain each other through this web of connections, this community narrative.

Latitudes and Longitudes Digital Storytelling Project want to hear your stories about how local food has transformed you, your family, your friends … your community.

Storytellers will use our Apple iPod mobile storytelling lab to transform their pictures and voice into short video narratives to share with friends and family.

We also hope you will feel compelled to share your story with the community and the world here – on our website.

We are holding two short Saturday morning workshops – February 18 and 25 from 9:00 to 11:30 am

Session will be held at the Misty Mountain Coffee Shop at 33 Queen Street, East in Kitchener.

Program fee is $10. Enrollment is limited to 6 storytellers per session; so we recommend you register early to reserve your place.

Register for these sessions online or reserve your spot by sending email to workshops@latitudeslongitudes.org.


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