How to transform the ordinary life

The trouble with digital storytelling is “storytelling” – the word I mean. All too often people think of “gather round kids and grandma will tell you a story”.

It’s hard though to find another word. Narrative is just a little aloof and yarn, well … frivolous and maybe even a little suspect.

Although, this homespun image gets in the way of understanding how stories transform us, the fact remains that stories can change the lives of teller and listener alike.

A simple demonstration of this effect is found in the way in which music can transform something mundane in to something special.

Watch the Carwash Cathedral video at the beginning of this post twice.

First, with the sound muted, focus on the movement of the water across the windshield. The second time, again focus on the movement of the water, but this time let the music fill up your senses.
For me, the windshield becomes a living canvas and the water becomes the paint – coloured by the beautiful music of the Hilliard Ensemble as it roars and swirls across canvas.
One of my Facebook friends remarked the video helped her find “the sacred in the everyday.” I honestly believe that this is what storytelling is all about – transforming the ordinary life to the sublime; elevating it to a place of reverence.


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