Tell me your stories

After sitting quietly for a little over a year, Latitudes and Longitude Digital Storytelling Project begins a new round of community story gathering in 2014. I have been selected as Artist in Residence at the City of Kitchener for 2014. My project for the residency Neighbourhood Voices will be closely linked to Latitudes and Longitudes.

Photo: Dwight Storring

Dwight Storring, Artist in Residence – 2014, Kitchener

Over the coming months I will be gathering the personal stories of ordinary folks in city neighbourhood as part of the collaborative documentary film that will be the outcome of the project.

Neighbourhood Voices is designed to document and preserve the authentic character of Kitchener’s neighbourhoods by giving voice to everyday people.  Through their personal stories of family and community, the richness of life in Kitchener in 2014 would emerge and be shared across the city and the world.

I will document the important occasions in people’s lives in 2014, marking these milestones by filming the food and fellowship, the love and laugh, the music and the stories. In addition, I will hold three story gathering events across the city where people of all ages and skill level will be able to create and share their own stories.

Watch this space for dates and locations.

If you know someone who has a great story to tell or you want to tell me your story. I’m all ears AND eyes. I’m looking for families who are celebrating births, first days at schools, university graduations, first jobs, marriages, religious festivals and the lives of loved-ones who have passed.

Neighbourhood Voices has been featured in stories in local media including the Waterloo Region Record; the Kitchener Post and CBC Kitchener Waterloo.

Visit the Contact page to get in touch or use the form below:


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